From Bay Street to the meeting room in as little as 1.5 hours, the Kawarthas is the perfect place for your next corporate meeting or retreat. We're so close to home, but you will feel a million miles away.

With indoor spaces conducive to getting work done quickly and efficiently, and outdoor spaces that allow for boundless play when work is done, you can take the time to get back to nature while still enjoying all of luxuries of home.

Fresh air is proven to help us all thinking faster and clearer. Who wants to be cooped up in all day meetings in a boardroom with no access to the outdoors? You go crazy sitting there watching the clock. Have a more efficient meeting where the attendees feel relaxed and the creativity can flow. With so many hotel and resort options you are sure find something that fits the size and feel of your group's event.

In the summer months you can paddle, hike or just plain wonder at the beautiful scenery during recess. In the winter take a quick snowshoe, go for a toboggan run or consider a delicious hot cocoa or warm cider bar to complement your beyond-the-ordinary coffee break.

Easily add a workplace health and wellness component, culinary adventure or other exciting team building exercise to any meeting. Keep things informal, relaxed and engaged. Your delegates and your bottom line will thank you.

Selecting a Conference Venue For Your Group

Conference organizers account for many things when choosing a conference destination. When events are successfully managed, conference delegates form better opinions of the event, destination and host resort - plus it builds the event’s intellectual information retention and attendee loyalty. By knowing influences on selection conference planners can align requirements with resort attributes and facilities:

  1. Fluctuating currency rates and available budgets are huge influences. When choosing a conference venue, events must meet the financial requirements of stakeholders. A lower domestic currency like the Canadian dollar against the US dollar will be very attractive for companies with USA head offices as their purchasing power rises and their perception of value.
  2. Travel requirements will influence choosing a conference venue as organisers want conference locations that maximise the attractiveness for attendance of domestic and international delegates. Kawartha Lakes has inbound options via Toronto such as air, rail and road with only an easy 90 minute drive from the GTA hub.
  3. The destination matters when choosing a conference venue. Favourable characteristics include having a positive brand image and a history of successful events, safety and security, extensive amenities and infrastructure, close proximity to leisure experiences, a range of quality accommodation, desirable seasonal weather geographical uniqueness. Kawartha resorts can fit this criteria across the board. Some of resorts have been in business for close to 100 years and experience counts. Characteristics such as the resort setting, entertainment, local shopping, sightseeing, recreation and tours for delegates can be critical. We understand meeting planners influence the experience attendees receive both from both the work and non-work related activities and we can work with you for both onsite and offsite activities.
  4. Support from COC's (Chamber of Commerce) and RTO's (Regional Tourism Organization) does provide helpful information when choosing a conference venue. When they provide detail, solutions and enticement packages, a conference organizer will be positioned to make an informed judgment about a destinations potential suitability. Our members work closely with other tourist based organizations in the Kawarthas.
  5. Previous destination choices influence choosing a conference venue for future destinations of ongoing conferences. Meeting planners may continue conferences in past locations (and even relocate others) because of past success. Kawartha as a destination is sure to please delegates with it's rugged beautiful lake backdrop. We won't let you down and we know you’ll want to come back again and again.
  6. Conference planners aim to achieve a strategic, clear and thematic fit between the choice of conference venues and the conference goals. This is a crucial determining factor of producing a professional, relevant, unique and branded conference event. Expectations of the attendee stakeholders are high and our resorts provide the personal attention to detail to help plan your event and insure it's success.
  7. Assessing the total cost of a specific resort will decide the true feasibility of hosting the conference there. Due to often strict operating budgets we know planners evaluate all included and excluded costs and total return on investment. You will find much better value in both cost and location venue in the Kawartha's, than in urban conference comparisons.
  8. Technology will influence the venue selection because the needs of attendees will significantly differ according to theme, purpose, location and the volume of delegates. High speed internet and new interactive multi media technologies are popular. Expectations of technology at conference venues in resorts is always growing and you'll find most Kawartha resorts are keeping up or exceeding the latest technology trends.
  9. The availability of on-site accommodation to conference resort delegates can be a major influencer when choosing a conference venue. Many delegates want to stay onsite or near the conference center. Our resorts do share info on room types, bedding configurations, restaurants, facilities, events and local activities so even very large conferences can be accommodated with nearby first class accommodation facilities, should your delegate numbers exceed the capacity of any one Kawartha resort.